Lebanon Telecommunication


The country has 1.37 million subscribers in total, or a 33.5% penetration rate.(January 2009)

Rank Operator Technology Subscribers
(in millions)
1 mtc touch GSM GPRS EDGE 1.168 (June 2009) Zain Group (Management Contract)
2 Alfa GSM GPRS EDGE 0.854 (June 2009) Orascom Telecom (Management Contract)
3 Ogero Mobile GSM not yet available Ogero Telecom (lebanese government)



Zain Group125px-Zain_logo


In January 2009 Zain made a successful tender to continue managing one of Lebanon’s two mobile operations, MIC2 branded as mtc touch, for an additional year commencing February 1, 2009, extendable for one year as per the new management agreement terms set by the Lebanese Ministry of Telecommunications.


Orascom Telecom
January 13th,2009: Orascom Telecom Holding S.A.E. (“Orascom Telecom” or“OTH”) announces that it has been awarded the management contract of one of the two Lebanese mobile telecommunications operators, operating under the brand name Alfa, which is owned by the Republic of Lebanon. The management contract extends for one year and is renewable for another year.


1 MTC Touchmtc-logo


On June 1, 2004, Zain (formerly known as MTC Group) the leading telecommunications mobile operator in the Middle East and Africa, was tendered a 4-year agreement by the Lebanese government to manage one of the country’s two existing mobile networks (Mobile Interim Company 2 – MIC2). In November 2004, the operation was branded as mtc touch and remains today the sole subsidiary amongst 22 others not to be owned by Zain Group.
2 Alfaalfa
Alfa is the brand name of one of the two Lebanese mobile networks owned by the Republic of Lebanon. Alfa is managed by Orascom Telecom Holding (OTH) starting February 1, 2009. Alfa capitalizes on its expertise in the telecom field in order to deliver a global and professional solution for the GSM sector in Lebanon. Its main target is to reach one million subscribers by end of 2009.
3 Ogero Mobile2


O.G.E.R.O (Organisme de Gestion et d’Exploitation de l’ex-société Radio-Orient)   was created to run the installation of the previously established Franco-Lebanese Radio-Orient company.
Here are the major dates in O.G.E.R.O’s evolution to it’s status today as a Telecom Operator.



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