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Universities In Lebanon

Lebanese Universities list by Web Popularity Ranking 2009

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Rank Universities Towns
1 American University of Beirut (AUB) Beirut
2 Universite Saint-Joseph de Beyrouth (USJ) Beirut and other Locations
3 Notre Dame University (NDU) Zouk Mosbeh and other locations
4 Universite Libanaise (UL) Beirut and other locations
5 Lebanese American University (LAU) Beirut and other Locations
6 University of Balamand (UOB) El-Koura and other locations
7 Beirut Arab University (BAU) Beirut and other locations
8 Holy Spirit University of Kaslik (USEK) Jounieh and other locations
9 Universite Antonin (UPA) Baabda and other locations
10 American University of Science & Technology (AUST) Beirut and other locations
11 Al Jinan University (JUT) Tripoli and other locations
12 Lebanese International University (LIU) Beirut and other locations
13 Islamic University of Lebanon (IUL) Khalde
14 Haigazian University (HU) Beirut
15 Global University (GU) Beirut
16 Al Imam Al-Ouzai University Beirut
17 Ecole Superieure des Affaires (ESA) Beirut
18 American University of Technology (AUT) Halat Fidar and other locations
19 Universite la Sagesse (ULS) Furn-El-Chebbak
20 Middle East University (MEU) Beirut
21 American University Institute of Culture & Education (AUCE) Beirut
22 Al-Islah University Tripoli
23 Matn University Institute of Technology Jdeidet El Matn
24 Modern University for Business and Science (MUSB) Hamra and other locations
25 Al-Manar University of Tripoli (MUT) Tripoli
26 Makassed University of Beirut Beirut
27 Centre Universitaire de Technologie (CUT) Tripoli
28 Universite Libano-Canadienne (LCU) Aintoura
29 Institut Universitaire kafaat Hadath
30 Hariri Canadian University (HCU) Damour
31 Business & Computer University College (BCU) Beirut


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4 International Colleges and Universities


Lebanon national basketball team


Lebanon (LIB)                                                         President
Fédération Libanaise de Basketball                              Mr.  Kakhia, Pierre 
                                                                              Secretary General
                                                                              Mr.  Fares, Ghassan
FIBA World Rankings: Men

Ranking Men after EuroBasket (2009)

Fiba Asia Rank Country World Rank
1 Flag of China China 9
2 Flag of Islamic Republic of Iran Islamic Republic of Iran 21
3 Flag of Lebanon Lebanon 24
4 Flag of Korea Korea 27
5 Flag of Qatar Qatar 28
6 Flag of Japan Japan 32
7 Flag of Kazakhstan Kazakhstan 35
8 Flag of Jordan Jordan 37
9 Flag of Chinese Taipei Chinese Taipei 41
10 Flag of India India 49
11 Flag of Syria Syria 49
12 Flag of Kuwait Kuwait 52
13 Flag of Philippines Philippines 53
14 Flag of Uzbekistan Uzbekistan 58
15 Flag of Hong Kong Hong Kong 61
16 Flag of Indonesia Indonesia 61
17 Flag of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 64
18 Flag of United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates 65
19 Flag of Malaysia Malaysia 68
20 Flag of Sri Lanka Sri Lanka 71


FIBA World Rankings: Women

Ranking Women after FIBA Americas Championship for Women (2009)

Fiba Asia Rank Country World Rank
1 Flag of China China 7
2 Flag of Korea Korea 9
3 Flag of Japan Japan 14
4 Flag of Chinese Taipei Chinese Taipei 21
5 Flag of Thailand Thailand 38
6 Flag of Malaysia Malaysia 42
7 Flag of India India 43
8 Flag of Hong Kong Hong Kong 48
9 Flag of Philippines Philippines 50
10 Flag of Kazakhstan Kazakhstan 52
12 Flag of Sri Lanka Sri Lanka 53
13 Flag of Uzbekistan Uzbekistan 54
14 Flag of Singapore Singapore 56
15 Flag of D.P.R.of Korea D.P.R.of Korea 60
16 Flag of Lebanon Lebanon 61
17 Flag of Vietnam Vietnam 63

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