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Anniversary of the Leaders of the Martyrs 2010

Week of 3 Leaders

Emad MougniehAbbas Al-MousaweyRageb Hareb

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Safer Internet Day 2010: Advice for using social networks safely

February 9 is the international Safer Internet Day 2010, promoting safer and more responsible use of online technology and mobile phones.  This year’s topic: “Think B4 U post!”.  Its creator Insafe explains:  


“Young people do not always realize that the personal information they post remains online and it can be accessed by anyone (including their parents, teachers, future employers, predators…). Many employers now check their job candidates online. Personal information contained in social networking profiles can be used by unscrupulous individuals for purposes which may include grooming.” 

Ten tips for your safety 

The following ten tips, issued by the German Federal Office for Security in the Information Technology (BSI), should help you to use social networks wisely:

  • Be reluctant with publishing personal information!
  • Inform yourself about the Terms of Use and the Privacy Terms of the social network you’re using!
  • Don’t confirm every friendship request—criminals “collect” friends to harm people!
  • Report “cyber-stalkers,” contacting you permanently via the social network!
  • For every Web application, use a different and secure password, especially if you are registered with multiple social networks!
  • Don’t spread internal information about your employer or your work!
  • Critically check which rights you give the operators of social networks, regarding photos, texts and information uploaded by you!
  • If you receive “doubtful” requests from friends, check out the trustworthiness of the request via other media.
  • Don’t click on links by random—social networks are increasingly used to conduct phishing!
  • Talk with your children about their activities in social networks and inform them of the dangers!

Especially the last item is not always easy to accomplish, as the children’s media competence is often higher than the parents’. 

by Klaus Neumann 

 For More Information: Safe Internet 

Orbit Showtime Network (OSN)





When Orbit and Showtime merged back in July 2009 the dream began to create the “biggest pay-TV platform” in the Middle East and North Africa.Following a lot of hard work, investment, research and listening to our viewers the dream has become reality as we introduce viewers to a new era of television under the newly branded platform OSN-ORBIT SHOWTIME NETWORK.

These Pictures Shows Before and After OSNetwork.

OSN Movies

 OSN Entertianment


bigger, better, the best!

For more information:

Who is Salt “SALT” Movie

Salt is an upcoming 2010 American action thriller film directed by Phillip Noyce, written by Kurt Wimmer and Brian Helgeland,and starring Angelina Jolie, Chiwetel Ejiofor, and Liev Schreiber.Tom Cruise was initially secured the lead but the script was rewritten for Jolie. Jolie plays Evelyn Salt, accused of being a Russian sleeper agent, on the run to try and clear her name.Filming took place in 2009 between March and June on location in Washington, DC and New York. It is scheduled to be released on July 23, 2010.

Worldwide Release Dates

Lebanon Release date 22-July-10