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Positive Approach






  Positive Approach
person2 Father : I want you to marry a girl of my choice.
1321807564_5989df9e35_o Son: “I will choose my own bride!”
person2Father : “But the girl is Bill Gates’s daughter.”
1321807564_5989df9e35_oSon : “Well, in that case.. OK”

person2Father approaches Bill Gates.
person2Father : “I have a husband for your daughter.”
Bill-Gates1 Bill Gates : “But my daughter is too young to marry!”
person2Father : “But this young man is a vice-president of the World Bank.”
Bill-Gates1Bill Gates : “Ah, in that case… OK”
Finally Father goes to see the president of the World Bank.
person2Father : “I have a young man to be recommended as a vice-president.”
11971019011240434834msewtz_Business_Person_svg_hi President : “But I already have more vice-presidents than I need !”
person2Father : “But this young man is Bill Gates’s son-in-law.”
11971019011240434834msewtz_Business_Person_svg_hiPresident : “Ah, in that case… OK”
This is how business is done!!
 Even if you have nothing, you can get anything. But your attitude & approach should be positive.

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Get the news with your breakfast.

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Published: December 2009

Marwan Hayek, Alfa’s New Chairman & CEO

Marwan Hayek

 Alfa, the Lebanese mobile operator managed by Orascom Telecom since February 2009, announces today that Marwan Hayek was appointed as its new Chairman and  CEO starting 11th of March 2010.
 Hayek has a distinguished record as an experienced Telecom Executive with 15 years of field and operational experience. He started his career with France Telecom in Lebanon – “Cellis”, where he was member of the initial team that built the first GSM network in Lebanon, today known under the brand name “Alfa” before he joined Orascom Telecom Group in 1999.
 Hayek is now back to his homeland to benefit the Lebanese Telecom sector from his international experience, to bring Alfa to its highest levels and help putting the Lebanese Telecom sector back on the regional Telecom map.
 Since 1999, Hayek has held several assignments within Orascom Telecom’s subsidiaries and its Holding company. His last appointment was at Mobinil – Egypt in September 2007 as Vice President for Technology in charge of network and IT infrastructure. In parallel to his role at Mobinil, Hayek was appointed on the Board of Directors of Alfa & Orascom Telecom Lebanon in February 2009 When Orascom Telecom had won the management contract of Alfa.
 Prior to Mobinil, Hayek played a major role as Chief Technology Officer of Mobilink-Pakistan in building an infrastructure capable of handling more than 30 million subscribers in less than 4 years.
 Hayek holds a Master’s degree in Telecommunications and Electrical Engineering from the “Faculte Polytechnique de Mons” in Belgium. He had participated in several Technical, IT and Management Seminars with INSEAD, MIT, HARVARD, CCL, MEIRC, HEC and others.
 It’s worth mentioning that “Orascom Telecom Holding” (OTH) is the international leading mobile operator in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia and counts almost 93 million subscribers. 

From Lebanon Opportunities, April 2010 Issue