2011 Kia Sportage to get new Magna Dynamax all-wheel drive system

The upcoming Kia Sportage will launch Magna’s new Dynamax all-wheel drive system. Dynamax is said to incorporate electro-hydraulic sensors that activate a coupling, multi-clutch drive to feed power to the wheels with the most traction at any given time.



Soon-Nam Lee, Director of Overseas Marketing, Kia Motors Corporation, said in a recent release,“The new Dynamax AWD system represents a significant technical advance that will bring real benefits to our customers. The all-new Sportage compact SUV is an exciting newcomer to our product line-up and the availability of such a responsive AWD system for the first time in a Kia will raise this model’s appeal for many potential buyers.”

President of Magna Powertrain, Jake Hirsch, said in a release the system will improve fuel economy and lower emissions due to its ability to engage power to separate wheels, and only load engine power to the wheels with the most traction – as opposed to a constant all-wheel drive system that always loads power onto all four wheels; hindering fuel consumption.

He also says the active system will improve safety and off-road performance due to its ability to constantly direct power to separate wheels according to traction.

By Brett Davis From Caradvice

Source: Caradvice


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