Why Arab men prefer Lebanese Women?

By: WE

MissLebanon150x180 I know that the number of females reading this article will outnumber males, specially the lovely Lebanese.

Yes why do Arab men like/ prefer Lebanese women, is it because Haifa, Nancy and Elissa are Lebanese, or is it because they always look SUPERB!, or maybe because they do consider surgeries than any other women in the world. http://www.fanoos.com/research/plastic_surgery_statistics.html

Warning: No offense to anyone, it`s just an article by the end of the day, I simply see that We like/prefer Lebanese women is because of the following reasons:

1.     We
love it when they say “ Hi, Keefak, ca va?” its very .. you know ..!

2.     They
always surprise you with what they are wearing

Map picture

3.     They
are always well-prepared in everything.

4.     They
cook or order good food.

5.     They
love to go out and party 8 days a week.

6.     They
are always smiling even if they are @ a state of war.

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7.     They
accept plastic surgery or encourage and promote it as well.

8.     They
are always updated with world and local news.

9.     They
love politics (I see women who love politics to be very sexy).

I believe you have many others more strong points to say as well.

Well, if I put myself in any Lebanese girls shoes and read this article I would be really happy, but will feel a little offended. No.. don’t get offended.

First of all it`s just an article, secondly don’t worry you will never be single. Haahaa, check this song to even motivate you more.

In fact, if I put myself in any girls’ shoes (except Lebanese) I would be simply thrown by a shoe, an old one actually!.. No , every girl has something unique. It`s just a stereo type believe me.

So what’s the point of this article ? Simply if you’re not Lebanese then kill yourself.. heeheee.

Of course I am joking, Well, the point of this article for people to learn to live life to the fullest, learn, pray, read, dance, hang out, have fun. The best
thing I like in Lebanese women is that they do whatever it takes to have fun, to be well dressed, to read, to be aware of all the local and world issues without giving the feeling that they do, Of course there is nothing 100% perfect. 

Simply women, learn how to enjoy, live and love life, don’t give too much attention to minor issues, if that’s hard call your local travel agency and take the first ticket to Beirut..TRUST ME , YOU WILL UNDERSTND ME!

Source: MSNarabia


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