Fixtures announced for WABA League


ALEPPO, Syria / AMMAN, Jordan (WAL): WABA powerhouses Al Riyadi Beirut of Lebanon will match horns with Iran’s Zob Ahan in the opening game of the WABA League 2010-11 at Aleppo on Jan 3.

Group A games involving Al Riyadi Beirut (Lebanon), Zob Ahan (Iran), Al Ahli (Yemen), Al Jala’a (Syria) and Al Riyadi Amman (Jordan) will be played at Aleppo from Jan 3 to 7.

Amman, in Jordan will host the Group B games from Jan 12 to 16. ASU (Jordan), Champville (Lebanon), Duhok (Iraq), Mahram (Iran) and Al Jeish (Syria) are the teams involved in Group B.

The top four teams from each group will qualify for the play-offs quarterfinals, which will be played on a home-and-away basis.

“We are starting the New Year on a positive note with the start of the WABA League. I am confident that the WABA League will provide the best of the basketball in the region,” said WABA Secretary General Hagop Khajirian.

“The new format of the League will be challenging, competitive and equally entertaining for the fans,” he added.


Group A Aleppo, Syria

Monday, 03/01/2010

18:00 Al Riyadi (LIB) Vs. Zob Ahan (IRI)

20:30 Al Ahli (YEM) Vs. Al Jala’a (SYR)

Tuesday, 04/01/2010

18:00 Al Riyadi (JOR) Vs. Al Ahli (YEM)

20:30 Al Jala’a (SYR) Vs. Al Riyadi (LIB)

Wednesday, 05/01/2010

18:00 Al Ahli (YEM) Vs. Al Riyadi (LIB)

20:30 Al Riyadi (JOR) Vs. Zob Ahan (IRI)

Thursday, 06/01/2010

18:00 Zob Ahan (IRI) Vs. Al Ahli (YEM)

20:30 Al Jala’a (SYR) Vs. Al Riyadi (JOR)

Friday, 07/01/2010

18:00 Al Riyadi (LIB) Vs. Al Riyadi (JOR)

20:30 Zob Ahan (IRI) Vs. Al Jala’a (SYR)

Group B Amman, Jordan

Wednesday, 12/01/2010

17:00 Duhok (IRQ) Vs. Champville (LIB)

19:30 ASU (JOR) Vs. Mahram (IRI)

Thursday, 13/01/2010

17:00 Mahram (IRI) Vs. Duhok (IRQ)

19:30 Al Jeish (SYR) Vs. ASU (JOR)

Friday, 14/01/2010

17:00 Champville (LIB) Vs. Mahram (IRI)

19:30 Duhok (IRQ) Vs. Al Jeish (SYR)

Saturday, 15/01/2010

17:00 Al Jeish (SYR) Vs. Champville (LIB)

19:30 ASU (JOR) Vs. Duhok (IRQ)

Sunday, 16/01/2010

17:00 Mahram (IRI) Vs. Al Jeish (SYR)

19:30 Champville (LIB) Vs. ASU (JOR)

Source: FIBA Asia



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