New Kia Picanto 3-door Now

Kia is introducing a three door version of the Kia Picanto for the first time since the model appeared in 2004



• Three-door starts from £7,795
• Available September 1
• New high-spec trim levels: Halo and Equinox

The new Kia Picanto will be available to buy as a three-door for the first time in September. It will go head-to-head with the Ford Ka, Fiat 500, MINI Hatch and Hyundai i10.

For more information go to Picanto 3-door 



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  1. The changes and the updates on this car makes it a real contender to be taken seriously in the small city car market. It looks super modern and as if from one of the Major manufacturers like Ford or Vauxhall, but look at what you get, a 7 year warranty. We will see more and more of the Kia Picantos on the road as people downgrade, renew and basically save money. Well done KIA, keep them coming.

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