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Alfa Telecom 3G+

Alfa 3G 3G stands for the ‘third generation’ of cellular data networks which allows mobile phones (and other devices capable of connecting to a cellular network) to send and receive data at high speeds.
Alfa is now offering the 3G+ mobile data network that features the HSPA+ technology, which provides users the ability to connect to the World Wide Web at a high speeds.
Alfa 3G+ brings together a selection of products and services that facilitates your everyday life whether you are using it on your mobile handset, laptop or tablet.
Enter the world of Alfa 3G+ and enjoy speed, interactivity, mobility, and productivity.





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Alfa launches the 3G+ service in Lebanon

1280586-work-Alfaalfa_logoRAlfa, the first Lebanese mobile operator managed by Orascom Telecom since February 2009, announces the official launch of the 3G+ service to Alfa subscribers and mobile users in Lebanon, allowing them to address their mobile broadband digital needs in a faster and convenient way.




Commenting on the 3G+ launch, Alfa Chairman & CEO, Eng. Marwan Hayek said, “We extend our congratulations to all Lebanese for this milestone and historical moment. Mobile users in Lebanon have been highly anticipating the 3G+ service, and we are proud to announce that this moment has finally come true thanks to the joint efforts of the Ministry of Telecommunications, Alfa and all our business partners.”
298951_10150339473906304_76088351303_8197387_981848852_nAlfa 3G+ coverage will be initially available to users in Greater Beirut, majority of Mount Lebanon in addition to the Northern coastal area up to Akkar. Gradually, but steadily, a nationwide coverage will be in place in the coming few months. Alfa Postpaid and Prepaid subscribers can subscribe to any 3G+ data plan and subscription will be automatically activated without the need to swap their SIM card.

Access to 3G+ basic voice and video call services will be provisioned without the need for a prior subscription to all Alfa subscribers holding 3G handsets. They will only have to configure 3SkiNothingtheir handsets to a dual mode (2G/3G) in order to be able to connect to the 3G+ network of Alfa.
Hayek commented, “The 3G+ connectivity in Lebanon transforms the way people communicate, by adhering to the mobility needs of mobile users, and enabling richer communication through offering a fast internet connectivity everywhere, anywhere, and new advanced services such as the Video Call, which will be now accessible to 3G capable handsets.” Adding: “In a bid to meet the market demand and the different needs of subscribers, Alfa has put at their service several offerings for data plans, 3G routers and USB dongles.”
3G+ Mobile internet and broadband data bundles will be offered to Alfa postpaid, prepaid and Waffer customers.
In addition, and with the aim of providing a full-solution internet access to users, Alfa will give them the option to purchase Alfa USB dongles (7.2 mbps and 28.8 mbps) and Alfa 21.6mbps routers, which they can purchase from all Alfa stores, and appointed points of sales.
Alfa users will exclusively enjoy the “Pay As You Go – PAYG” service, which allows them to opt to access the internet on their handsets without the need to subscribe to any of the above monthly data plans. PAYG provides flexibility and ad-hoc access to internet at the rate of $0.5/MB.

The Alfa 3G+ service will allow users to enjoy and access a wide range of exciting mobile services and applications. Among those, the “Video Call” feature will become available to all Alfa subscribers allowing them to have face-to-face conversations with friends, family, colleagues and clients via their handsets which support this feature at a cost of $0.4/min.
It’s worth mentioning that “Orascom Telecom Holding” (OTH) is the international leading mobile operator in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia and counts over 104 million subscribers.


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Alfa Chairman and CEO, Marwan Hayek wins “Telecommunications Man of the Year” award


Alfa’s Chairman and CEO, Mr. Marwan Hayek has won the “Telecommunications Man of the Year” award in the Arab region at the seventh Pan Arab Web Awards ceremony that took place in Beirut.
The “Pan Arab Web Awards” honor Arab executives who have contributed, through their achievements, to the development of the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector. This year the awards ceremony was attended by executives from Alfa and Orascom Telecom, the leading Egyptian telco operator managing Alfa since February 2009, and on top of the attendees, was Mr. Naguib Sawiris, founder of Orascom Telecom Holding.

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Marwan Hayek, Alfa’s New Chairman & CEO

Marwan Hayek

 Alfa, the Lebanese mobile operator managed by Orascom Telecom since February 2009, announces today that Marwan Hayek was appointed as its new Chairman and  CEO starting 11th of March 2010.
 Hayek has a distinguished record as an experienced Telecom Executive with 15 years of field and operational experience. He started his career with France Telecom in Lebanon – “Cellis”, where he was member of the initial team that built the first GSM network in Lebanon, today known under the brand name “Alfa” before he joined Orascom Telecom Group in 1999.
 Hayek is now back to his homeland to benefit the Lebanese Telecom sector from his international experience, to bring Alfa to its highest levels and help putting the Lebanese Telecom sector back on the regional Telecom map.
 Since 1999, Hayek has held several assignments within Orascom Telecom’s subsidiaries and its Holding company. His last appointment was at Mobinil – Egypt in September 2007 as Vice President for Technology in charge of network and IT infrastructure. In parallel to his role at Mobinil, Hayek was appointed on the Board of Directors of Alfa & Orascom Telecom Lebanon in February 2009 When Orascom Telecom had won the management contract of Alfa.
 Prior to Mobinil, Hayek played a major role as Chief Technology Officer of Mobilink-Pakistan in building an infrastructure capable of handling more than 30 million subscribers in less than 4 years.
 Hayek holds a Master’s degree in Telecommunications and Electrical Engineering from the “Faculte Polytechnique de Mons” in Belgium. He had participated in several Technical, IT and Management Seminars with INSEAD, MIT, HARVARD, CCL, MEIRC, HEC and others.
 It’s worth mentioning that “Orascom Telecom Holding” (OTH) is the international leading mobile operator in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia and counts almost 93 million subscribers. 

From Lebanon Opportunities, April 2010 Issue