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WABA LEAGUE – Al Riyadi Beirut receive their WABA League trophy

The West Asian Basketball Association (WABA) conducted the Awards Ceremony of the 2011 WABA League in the Lebanese capital on Friday.

Al Riyadi Beirut of Lebanon clinched the WABA League title after beating Syria’s Al Jala’a in the Finals.

Lebanon’s Minister of Youth and Sports Mr Ali Abdallah was the guest of honour and Mr Simon Abi Ramya, Chairman of Youth and Sports Parliament Committee, was the Chief Guest.

Tony Khouri, IOC member from Lebanon led a list of Lebanese sport luminaries which also included the President and members of the FLB (Lebanese Basketball Federation) and the presidents of all the FLB Division A League clubs.

WABA board members acknowledged the presence of the representatives of the sponsors of WABA League from WSG CEO and PAC.

WABA League Awards Ceremony


Coach Fouad Abouchakra with the trophy. Point guard Ali Mahmoud receives the trophy from WABA Secy-General Hagop Khajirian


Al Riyadi Beirut captain Joe Vogel with the trophy.


Al Riyadi Beirut team with the VIPs.                                                         Al Riyadi Beirut team with the team management.


Riyadi, Champville hope to face off in Abu Dhabi


Lebanese league finalists Riyadi and Champville fly to Abu Dhabi this weekend for the Arab Championships with the two sides hoping to meet in another final.

Riyadi come into the tournament fresh from winning the Lebanese league Sunday with a full roster of players including fit-again center Loren Woods.

The American missed the entire Final Four playoffs due to injury but the former NBA star will join up with Ismael Ahmad, Nate Johnson and the rest of the Riyadi squad confident of yet another title win.

Despite defeat in last Sunday’s final, Champville enter the tournament with a spring in their step thanks to the return of Jay Youngblood who has missed the last month – and the whole Final Four playoffs – following a suspension for the use of the banned substance Jack3D.

Champville were a poorer side in the final against Riyadi thanks to Youngblood’s absence. The Dik al-Mehdi side were forced to rely too heavily on captain Fadi al-Khatib for points. Riyadi were able to base their entire defensive system on stopping Khatib in the knowledge few others in the side could score consistently. Youngblood’s presence will make Arab Championship defense work harder and spend less time marking Champville’s talisman.

Three days after the Arab Championships come to a close on May 25, Khatib will have the dubious honor of switching to Riyadi for the Asian Champions Cup.

As WABA League winners, Riyadi will be among the favorites in Manila especially considering their formidable lineup of Woods, Khatib, Ahmad, Johnson and Mahmoud, all of whom of experience at the highest level.

Riyadi have come third in the tournament but coach Fouad Abou Chacra believes the signing of Khatib could be enough to land their first trophy.

“The presence of Khatib would be a big, big plus for the team in Asia, especially that Riyadi will be representing Lebanon and the Asian Championship is a big target for the Club being the only one missing in our gallery.

“In all cases we will have a strong chemistry among the players that know each other very well.”


Photo: From al-Akhbar NewsPaper

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Al RIYADI Beirut Won WABA Championship Cup 2011

WABA League 2011Game 5 in WABA Super League was supposed to be held in Syria, but the Syrians didn’t complete all what was needed before tip-off (didn’t covet to broadcast the game) and it was postponed. Al-Jalaa didn’t have the right to do so , therefore WABA gave them another and a final chance to take the approval of covering the game ,but no endorsement was given , so the West Asian management decided to compose the game in a neutral country which was :JORDAN , but the Syrian side didn’t attend.

Authoritatively, Al-RIYADI BEIRUT WAS NAMED The Winner of WABA Championship cup 2011

Congratulation for AL RIYADI LEBANON.

WABA Finals Schedule

WABA Final



Date & Time

Game 1- Al  Jala’a VS Al Riyadi (LIB)


Monday March 21  @  6:00PM

Game 2- Al Jala’a VS Al RIyadi (LIB)


Tuesday March 22  @  6:00PM

Game 3- Al Riyadi (LIB) VS Al Jala’a


Monday March 28  @  6:00PM

*Game 4- Al Riyadi (LIB) VS Al Jala’a


Tuesday March 29  @  6:00PM

*Game 5- Al Jala’a VS Al Riyadi (LIB)


Monday April 4       @   6:00PM

*If Necessary