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Al RIYADI Beirut Won WABA Championship Cup 2011

WABA League 2011Game 5 in WABA Super League was supposed to be held in Syria, but the Syrians didn’t complete all what was needed before tip-off (didn’t covet to broadcast the game) and it was postponed. Al-Jalaa didn’t have the right to do so , therefore WABA gave them another and a final chance to take the approval of covering the game ,but no endorsement was given , so the West Asian management decided to compose the game in a neutral country which was :JORDAN , but the Syrian side didn’t attend.

Authoritatively, Al-RIYADI BEIRUT WAS NAMED The Winner of WABA Championship cup 2011

Congratulation for AL RIYADI LEBANON.

WABA Finals Schedule

WABA Final



Date & Time

Game 1- Al  Jala’a VS Al Riyadi (LIB)


Monday March 21  @  6:00PM

Game 2- Al Jala’a VS Al RIyadi (LIB)


Tuesday March 22  @  6:00PM

Game 3- Al Riyadi (LIB) VS Al Jala’a


Monday March 28  @  6:00PM

*Game 4- Al Riyadi (LIB) VS Al Jala’a


Tuesday March 29  @  6:00PM

*Game 5- Al Jala’a VS Al Riyadi (LIB)


Monday April 4       @   6:00PM

*If Necessary

WABA League – Feisty Riyadi show champs Mahram the door


Lebanese league champions Al Riyadi Beirut came up with a feisty performance to oust twice defending champions Mahram of Iran out of the WABA League with an 83-73 win in Game 2 of the semifinal series at Manara on Tuesday.

Riyadi, who had won 94-90 the Game 1 of the best-of-three semifinal series at Tehran last week, now await the winners of the semifinal series between Syria’s Al Jala’a and Zob Ahan of Iran.

That series is tied 1-1, with Jala’a having won 89-79 at Aleppo earlier this month and Zob Ahan bouncing back to level the series with a 93-76 win on Monday.

Source: Fiba Asia

WABA League Semifinals

Semifinal WABA

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